Good Bye Fussykat

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GoodBye Letter,

First, let me take a moment to express my immense gratitude. Today, fashion diary fussykat  transforms into inspiration platform thefashionmorning with a big focus on fashion & personal style. We have matured together and I really believe in growing, and in making this better and bigger than anything I’ve done before. But it’s not easy to close the page of something I’ve been doing for over five years. You deserve the absolute best from me, soo…I take a  great privilege and pleasure to announce a trendy transformation of  my fashion diary fussykat into a next level of my liberty to express my trendy ideas and vision on the basis of my widely achieved experience and inspiration about personal styling.  My blog is the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think about before I go to bed.

Thank you all so much for your continued support , looking forward to seeing you on : ,  facebook instagram , bloglovin

Love, Georgiana



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Some of you may have a stylish sister – or even a super well dressed mirror image of yourself –  and some of you may have the privilege to have a best friend with an impeccable taste. Cherish them! Because with a fashion sense to kill for, there’s always someone to tell you about the latest trends and B. someone to walk next to that’s even cooler than yourself. A stylish best friend is someone you can rely on.

Recognize your SBFF in this?

She will al-ways tell you the truth about your outfit if you ask her (honest) opinion

– She goes along with your bold looks (platform sandals? Check!)

– She is always in for a shopping trip… and the perfect sale companion

– She’s always enthusiastic about your new buys (whereas your boyfriend is saying: Don’t you already have something like that?)

– She lends you her clothes, which means you have two closets to splurge on!

– She always gives you the best gifts – the ones you didn’t even know you needed

– She’s your walking outfit inspiration

– She takes as many Instagram photos out your #ootd as you like

– She helps you with emergy outfit advice (any time of day or night)

(Inspired by Chapterfriday & Who What Wear )

Harrods Shoe Heaven

Shoe heaven, for me, is as simple as heaven – seriously, no place can call themselves heaven if there are no shoes in sight, right?  Yesterday I went at Harrods for a  preview of the Shoe Heaven and I have to say, it was absolutely fabulous,  absolutely delightful…

From stilettos to sneakers, Harrods Shoe Heaven will be home to all the best shoes from the world’s leading and need-to-know designers. With 17 chic boutiques presenting collections from over 50 leading designers and brands from the likes of Chanel, Dior, Christian Louboutin and more, heaven awaits all shoe lovers on the Fifth Floor.

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Outfits | July Recap

Happy Friday everyone !

Goodbye July and can’t wait for August looks !! Sorry I didn’t post many looks this month but I was very busy working and attending events that made it so hard for me to take daily outfit posts . Hope  you girls like my looks and thank you so much for your continuous support.

Kisses, Georgiana 

H&M Dress

Same H&M dress inspired by PATTERN Dolce&Gabbana New collection 2014

Short Vs. Long

collage12 collagee


                                                                                            Dolce & Gabbana Dresses Ss 2014